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Taxpreneur & Startup Business Coach who assist startup tax business owners START, GROW, BUILD profitable 
tax firms.  
Dee has been in the tax industry nearly 20 years and have grown from a one person tax office to several successful tax firms through out Alabama including assisting others build profitable tax practices nationwide.   In addition, she provide resources, tools, document solutions, software and continuing education credits approved by the IRS through the IRS Tax Schooling.   

Her goal is to help Taxpreneurs, START, GROW, and BUILD  profitable tax firms by providing a one-stop-shop experience for startup tax business owners. 

  • Download a free copy of the tax resources that will help you with building a successful tax firm:   
  • 25 ways to market your tax firm, 
  • 5 questions to build a six-figure tax firm
  •  Budget & Supply list for Startup Taxpreneurs
Tax Genie  provides all the solutions that Taxpreneurs need to run a six-figure tax firm. 
Need Professional Tax Software
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  • IRS due diligence safeguard
  • Best paperless solution in the industry with the ability to email returns securely to customers in less than 30 seconds
  • Access client's return from any device
  • Prepare clients' returns on any device that is connected to the Internet
  • Setup multiple locations and preparers with ease
  • Free mobile app 
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Dee Edwards is a tremendous powerhouse with the ability to cause paradigm shifts every time she opens her mouth.  Her experience and success in business allows her to give solid coaching advice to business owners, especially startups.  
Lexi Jones -